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You know as well as anyone: office buildings have the potential to be massively, passively profitable. But, keeping your customers comfortable and happy. Electricity ain’t cheap. Neither are heating and AC.

With Basking, you can use our online platform to manage 100% of the devices in your office building—from air conditioning to access management—and optimize their usage. Learn how much you could save below:

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Track devices and performance in your office building through regular, automated usage reports.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Optimize Energy Usage

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Upgrade your office building through new services and an easier booking process.

Automated Data Collection and Reports

Use your Basking data to avoid costly repairs through the power of predictive maintenance.

Every building is unique. We’ll make sure that your devices are installed properly and that you’re able to make the most out of your account.

Starting from 199€ per month, no upfront payments required. Cancel anytime (no strings attached).

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Basking helps you track, optimize, and save on your building’s energy consumption.

It Just Works.

Basking makes it easy to manage your office buildings. We use Dell IoT gateways and our own, proprietary software to bring your building online safely and securely.

Start today, and manage your:

AC and Thermostats

Occupancy Sensors

Access Controls

Heating and Lighting

Track Everything from a Single Dashboard

Track your energy consumption and WiFi quality. Adjust AC settings on the fly. Check in on access levels or adjust your settings based on the number of people currently using your space.

And all from a simple, customizable dashboard. With Basking, we believe you deserve easy. We’ve made building management simple, effective, and insanely affordable. Click below for a free quote.

30 Day Free Trial - No credit card required

Up to 15x Cheaper than Traditional Systems

Traditional building management systems are prohibitively expensive in small and medium-sized buildings. Keeping everything synced, online, and accessible can cost thousands of dollars or more.

With Basking, you’ll be set up with the latest in IoT-based building management systems starting from just 199 Euro per month. And, for a limited time, we’re offering a free 30-day trial (no credit card required). Want to take Basking for a spin? Click below to get started… 

30 Day Free Trial - No credit card required

  1. Our local expert installs the Dell IoT gateway in your building. The Gateway uses Wi-Fi, WWAN and Ethernet to connect and communicate.
  2. The gateway supports will reach out to each IoT-connected device in your building— no matter what protocol they’re using.
  3. Your smart building is then connected to a secure cloud-based platform; giving you remote access to the building environment, occupation, and energy consumption data.
  4. Once online, you’ll have access to the dashboards, analytics, reporting, alerts, and remote control for your building.


But that’s not all! We’ll stick by your side throughout the entire process. Feel free to reach out and ask our customer support for help anytime you get stuck. Speak to someone now, by requesting a free quote…

Founder of Basking

Dr. Eldar Gizzatov

Data-driven building management is essential for building owners - it's key to being profitable, running top operations and providing the best services for its tenants.

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